NetSupport Classroom Cloud

The essentials to support blended learning
Super easy to set up and use, is a cloud-based teaching and management platform, providing the essential tools for in-school and remote teaching and learning – making it the perfect solution for delivering blended learning in any environment.

What does do?

It’s the ideal cloud platform for effective classroom management and teaching, whether everyone is together in the classroom or learning remotely at home. With no swapping between solutions for the different scenarios, it’s a great way to provide continuity for students – and teachers too!

Stay on task

Easily monitor students’ screens, the applications they’re using, websites they’re visiting, what they’re typing, who they’re collaborating with – and help out swiftly when support is needed.

Interact and capture feedback

Use chat and messaging tools to interact with the class and give every student a voice, use quick polls to gain an insight into everyone’s topic understanding – and lots more!

Manage online behavior

Focus students effortlessly and keep them safe online by controlling web and application use with ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ lists – removing the temptation of distractions and preventing access to unsuitable content.

Hey, you guys!

Need to get your students’ attention? Simply blank their screens or lock their keyboards and mice. Now you can explain the lesson activities at any time with their full concentration.

What are the Benefits of has been developed with valuable input from teachers and the result is that it’s so simple to use. With clear, intuitive controls and the ability to interact with your virtual classroom in real time in just a few clicks, cloud-based teaching and learning has never been so easy!

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